There’s been a lot going on these days, namely because Prachuap has a lot of native English speakers so I’ve been hanging out with the Kool kids so to speak. (^: No, but I’ve been hanging out with the English speaking friends a lot. Mostly, we’ve been doing field service, distant calls through the lovely rural coves and the highlight of my week was when Steven and Leah (couple from Jersey) invited me over for family worship!

It was quite fun! 

I forgot (again) to take a picture of the friends in the hall all together, so here’s a hastily taken picture from before the group went out on Tuesday, haha.

I actually didn’t get to memorize names like I usually do so I do apologize for that. I admit I had to ask for help with this one! From left to right… Risa, Leah, Kazuya and his wife, Tomoko, (part of) Libby, and Leah’s husband, Steven!

During my last day in service in Prachuap, we came across a picturesque yellow house with a gorgeous sky background. I snapped a picture-

And then Libby asked if I wanted one as well! At first, I said no, but then I rethought that since I don’t have many pictures of myself. So here I am!

I was talking about the website today, so this magazine was my back up. The man inside was very kind– but he said he was too old for the internet. He also said he didn’t really enjoy reading so we left him with a tract. Something short, breezy, yet life saving, still.

Later on that day, we went to a call on a shrimp farm! The house was across a plank bridge which was low-key terrifying but I made it! The shrimp farm was pretty cool too. 

The call, formerly a study, wasn’t home, so away we rode! 

The only thing I didn’t really get to do is see the monkeys! Apparently Prachuap is known for them… I got some pics but I didn’t get to feed them. There’s two places to feed the monkeys– Monkey Mountain, which apparently has gross monkeys that’ll beat you up and steal your lunch money (I heard this from three different people so it must be true.) and Ao Manao, a mountain with an army base so the monkeys are very well behaved and cute.


Because, tragically, I never got to see them, haha! Ao Manao is lovely, though!

Just no cuter-than-Monkey-mountain-monkeys about. Here’s the other monkeys, though. (Gotta give you something!)

Fast forwarding to yesterday, I ate my traditional burger. It’s kinda late but at least I got one! This burger was pretty high quality. Wish there were more fries, though.

I went out with Carmen and Libby on my last day and walked along the pier. Got a traditional ridiculous picture, even, courtesy of Libby! You’ll have to be following me on Instagram for those, though.

Right now, I’m typing this from the Don Muang airport, waiting to fly to my final stretch before I return stateside– Ranong.

To conclude, here’s a picture of the hall building itself, inside and out (to be added, since I didn’t take that picture on my phone.)


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