It all started hot. And by “all” I mean just the day.

The day started so hot that I was kind of a little sweaty. It surprised me because Ko Samui was supposedly hotter (according to my weather app, anyway) but I didn’t feel it was as humid as that before.

The territory was nice, very rural. I got to speak to a few people, all of whom understood me completely! I’ve been thinking of adjusting my presentation (which is about the future) to one about happy family life that I can include a video and talk less since sometimes I do get tongue-tied.

One major difference between here and Samui is that here they walk way more. The friends park outside of the territory and then walk until the section is completed.

Interestingly enough, the Japanese sisters here are so ladylike. Not only do they carry parasols instead of umbrellas but they also wear beautiful silk gloves to protect their hands from the Sun.

I wanted to get a picture so I’ll try to do so but it’s so delicate looking!

As usual, the territory of was covered in Coconut Groves. I mentioned them to Carmen, I was like, “isn’t this dangerous sometimes? Couldn’t these coconuts fall at anytime?”

I  full on expected her to reassure me but she basically was like… yep. According to her, not only could they do you some serious damage but they can put a dent in a car.

And then she further comforted me with for the news that she’s seen it happen herself. A car being dented by a coconut, that is.

Nice, Carmen.

At the service, we take a break in a small place that sold snacks and drinks. I know I was warned but Prachuap is way cheaper than Samui is. A bottle of water is five baht!

A bottle in the island averaged about 15 baht. It’s still not expensive that only $0.50 but comparatively speaking, $0.14 is incredible.

As we were taking a break, it started pouring rain! Strangely,  it’s an exact duplicate of my first day in service on Samui. It burst out raining there during the service break, too.

I have plans to go out to the night market with Carmen and Libby and Steven and Leah, the couple from New Jersey, but unfortunately it never stopped raining.
No matter how much I wished for it, the rain did not go away and ultimately, I did absolutely nothing yesterday. Pretty much all my plans fell through.

Oh, well.

At least I had dog number 2 to keep me company. (Here’s dog number two!)


One thought on “Rain, Rain, Go Away…

  1. Wow, the coconuts fall that often?! That’s probably why they parked their cars OUTSIDE the territory lol! Maybe you should carry a reusable bag to collect any that falls 😂😂


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