Before I begin today’s post, I forgot to mention… my tally of how many people have asked to take pictures with me has increased.

It was four Chinese tourists, on the same train that I was taking to Prachuap Khiri Khan.


Anyway, so that’s +4, bringing my total to 12.

My other tally for black girls has increased by one! There’s a black couple from Jersey serving here! They just moved here only two weeks ago. I had dinner with them last night at Carmen and Libby’s house.

So total number of black American girls seen in Thailand: 2.

Yesterday, there was no group for field service.

My landlords- because I don’t know what else to call the people I’m renting from- said they were going into town and asked if I wanted a ride. They asked if I knew where the sisters were staying but I didn’t so I couldn’t take them up on their offer for a drop off– and it was only 10:30 or something like that so it was too early for me to meet up with anyone.

Libby asked me if I wanted to go out with her on some calls that she had, so I was going to do that around 1, giving me three hours to kill.

Mr. Landlord was like, “well, Mrs. Landlady is still going into town… if you have nothing to do, would you like to ride around?”

Compared with sitting in my hotel room for the next 3 hours with nothing to do that would be a capital Y E S. So I got a tour of the town! Prachuap has three coves that it’s known for and so I also got a nice picture on the beach as well. (Of course, Prachuap also has a beach. Or beaches.)

I should also mention that it rained all morning.

I just kind of followed Mrs. Landlady around. We went to her niece’s school and to the restaurant she owns and to her phone company… like I said, errands!

The highlight of the day was when we got sweets, though. Fried bananas! Which I didn’t take a picture of. Delicious!

Mrs. Landlady’s niece is an eleven year old girl nicknamed Forget. We had a nice conversation in the car, by which I mean I spoke to her, and she stared at me blankly whenever I said something completely nonsense LOL. She was pretty shy though- after a while she got used to me and was quite nice!

We got back to the hotel around 1. On the property are two dogs. They’re super cute! Here’s dog one. She’s my favorite!

I’ll reveal dog two later.

Anyway, as aforementioned, Libby and I were supposed to go out at 1 o’clock but it was still raining then. She messaged me about trying to wait it out but it didn’t stop until 3. We still went out but we only had a little bit of time because she and Carmen were hosting a small gathering for me and Steven and Leah, the couple from Jersey– but time is time, so we went out for like 45 minutes.

The first call was… shall we say, interesting? You ever have a friend who makes rude jokes and sometimes they’re really funny but…….. most of the time they’re rude?

Her call was like that.

When he saw me, he said, “oh, there are people who look like you in America?” And then he asked if I knew Obama. Since I already was kind of prepared I joked back with him and I was like, “yeah, he’s my dad.” That made him laugh which, in my opinion, defused the situation a little bit– not that it was tense, but when you make rude jokes, you never know how the other person will react… so you’re kind of taking a gamble.

Libby told me about another experience she had with him where her friend was buying something from his shop and she asked how much it was. The thing may’ve been 20 baht and she only had a 1000 baht bill. Now the friend was not a Thai speaker and he offered to give her change. He said something like, “you give me a thousand and I’ll give you 900 baht.” in Thai but Libby caught it and intervened. When she did, he got defensive and was like, “I’m joking, I’m joking! Can’t you take a joke?” But his expression apparently did not betray that he was joking. These are the kind of “jokes” he makes.

In any case, I thought to myself that rude people who disguise rudeness as jokes are everywhere.

Later on that evening, I went to Libby and Carmen’s house. Libby and Carmen are from Canada. Originally we were going to go eat out, but it never really stopped raining so we decided against it since everyone’s main means of travel is motorcycle so… not really agreeable when it comes to rain, haha!

We had a wonderful time. I didn’t know the couple from Jersey, but I did know the brother’s relative! He is the brother of Edward Taylor, who used to be our substitute circuit oversert in French! I thought to myself, it’s a small world! And while he doesn’t look exactly like Brother Taylor, he does resemble that family. I wasn’t surprised at all when I found out. Anyway, like I said– small world!

Sorry that this post is so photo-lite. I mentioned earlier that it rained all day yesterday so… to conclude, here’s a picture of some flowers outside of my door!

(Took this picture ten seconds before I posted? Me?



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