So I already talked about my last day on the island in my last post so this will be a conclusion post as far as that. Really, I just want to wrap up some last minute interesting things that I saw. First up?

Lunchtime indoors.

Basically, most malls have a food court. Just like the US. Here, the way of eating is a little bit different, however. First, you need to get a money card and put money on it. Usually, 100 baht will suffice.

Then, you order your food. After it’s ready, you give the shop owner your card, and you buy your food. They’ll hand you a receipt with how much money is left on it. Aftwards, you have to get your utensils. The food court provides them for free, and they are indeed metal ones, no plastic here!

Notice anything different? How about the boiling water in top left? After you pick a utensil, you dip it in the boiling water. Awesome, right? We definitely need these in the US.

AND without further adieu, it’s time to eat!

This meal cost 115 baht. (That’s 3.30 USD!!)


I put 200 baht on the card which meant that I had enough for dessert, which was….

Fresh-made mango sticky rice, lowkey the love of my life. (I watched her pick the mango!) It was 70 baht.

Total dinner and dessert price, 185 baht– a little over $5! (And this is considered expensive!)

And thus, with that, I conclude my week in Ko Samui.

Now let’s talk about Prachuap!

Yesterday, my day started at 5 a.m., taking a taxi to the airport. The airport in Ko Samui is very beautiful. Before then, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an open-air airport before.

For example, this is the waiting room for my flight back to Bangkok.

I didn’t take a picture of what was behind me unfortunately, because I didn’t think of it, but you could see the planes landing and taking off. No glass.

Although the flight was only one hour, you still get a meal. (Breakfast!)

After I landed, I had to hustle. I was taking the local train to the train station so that I could go to Prachuap Khiri Khan, which has no Airport. I took the Airport line to Makkasan, transferred over to a local line and got off at Hua Lam Phong. I navigated without a hitch! 

Too hitchlessly, in fact. )^: I got to the station 3 hours early! I could have definitely gotten some food and not hustled quite so much, haha. Now, while all this was happening, I actually ran out of minutes on my phone… not so good when I was about to go on a six hour train ride and sisters were waiting on the other end.

I’ve been using a local Thai SIM card which is prepaid but needs to be loaded up after a while. I really wanted to find a place that had my kind of minutes because apparently no one in the universe (the universe being the area around the train station) had the correct type of minutes, aka some that worked with an AIS Sim– including 7-Eleven which was right across the street.

I must have looked frustrated after walking back from the 7-Eleven because a tuk-tuk driver (local type of taxi with no doors) approached me and asked if I needed a ride. I didn’t, and I explained that I needed to find a place to buy minutes for AIS SIM card. He said, ‘you need to go and then come straight back?’ ‘That’s right!’ So he replied, ‘well, I know where to take you!’

So, in a daring move… I got in! Now, the reason I say daring is not because it was dangerous (tuk-tuk drivers are registered and have their identification on the vehicle just like regular taxis do), but because tuk-tuks are notorious for overcharging tourists.

Basically, I had no idea how much he was going to charge me for this ride.

He turned out to be a very nice man and kept trying to teach me new Thai phrases along the ride. Also, true to his word, he took me to a small shop that sold the kind of SIM card I needed. I bought it and needless to say, thanked him profusely. He took me back to the train station and gave me the price.

The damage?

160 baht, not even $5! I was so grateful that I could communicate with the friends again that I gave him 250 baht. He tried to give me back some, but I refused. Phones are a life line these days! It was tgw least i could do to show how grateful I really was.

I waited dutifully for my train and settled in for the six hour ride.

And when I arrived on the other end, two sisters were waiting for me, Libby and Carmen.

That was last night! So today, adventure awaits!


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