So… Monday was my off day– I didn’t do much. In the morning I went to the movies but I forgot to check the language so it was in Thai. While there, there were some kids playing there in the theatre lobby. I couldn’t really understand them, but the way they were playing, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “ah, kids are the same everywhere.”
They kept sneaking glances of me so I greeted them. One (clearly the leader) greeted me back. I asked one of the smaller kids for his name but he just looked at nye, eyes big as saucers. The leader snared for him– “Boat.”

I turned to Leader and asked, “can you speak English?” and he was like, “nope, sure can’t.” (He used polite speech but I’m imagining this is what he was thinking. Haha.) And I laughed and said, “it’s okay, I can barely speak Thai!” And the kids started giggling.

They went back to playing after that.

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 in Thai and actually did understand some of it. Since movies are a largely visual experience, most things I understood. I did miss one major plot point but I understood it later when I went again for the 8:30 showing in English.

I liked it, I might go see it again!

So my off day was pretty boring. Between 2pm and 8,waiting for the movie, I actually slept, ha. Unfortunately, one thing that hasn’t changed is that I still need a lot of sleep to function, so no surprises there.

The end. Not! 

Yesterday was my last day in Ko Samui. I spent the day in service but unfortunately, I still didn’t get a photo of Jaehee and Yungsik. /^:

They didn’t go out. They actually have jobs in Thailand instead of going back to work in their home country and then living here. Maki, Ikko and (tall) Maki are all going to return to Japan soon. They will work for four months and then live here for eight.

Bonus: pics of me and tall Maki!

Now, for my last day in Ko Samui, we went to another part of the island. I should menton that Ko Samui is roughly size of Rhode Island– to drive the circumference is roughly an hour and a half by motorbike. 

This side of the island had beautiful views.

The territory was nice and we had a great conversation with an old woman who lived alone because her family moved to Bangkok to make more money. Seeing her all alone like that made a little sad. Reflecting though, when I gave my presentation using the future tract, she said that she believed the future would get better! That is, of course, the correct answer, but it was touching to see her still smiling in spite of what seems to be a lonely lot in life.

What an optimistic person.

I’ve seen many cows, but yesterday was the first day I finally got a picture of one! (Mainly because…. well, you know, Maki stopped so I could take a picture. Haha.) We had lunch in the more touristy area– which I could tell because of course I could see more foreigners (and less smiles from the Thai people, but that’s another story…)

Tomorrow, I’ll get to talking about dining in Thailand, plus what’s happening right now– my journey from Ko Samui to the second province given to me by the branch- Prachuap Khiri Khan.

To conclude: I went to the pool on my last day. I’m not much of a pool person but I’d brought my bathing suit so I thought…. maybe it’s a waste not to go.

After I got out, I took a picture, so here you have it: Ko Samui sky.


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